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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To the faithful

I am very sorry that there hasn't been much new here lately. It's always been an awkward situation for me, posting on what was Whit's blog. He should have been adding to this himself for the past 17 months. The number of new visitors has dropped off quite a bit recently, and as grateful as I am that some of you continue to check back all the time, I feel bad that I don't have more to contribute.

Now that I am at the end of the legal road, it becomes even more important to find ways to have Whit's voice heard and his story told to a larger public. I would like to publish a book. The concept is to use the entire blog as the core, with letters he and I wrote to each other interleaved with the blog entries (i.e. letters written around the same time as the entries). I already have that in document form (anyone interested is welcome to email me for a PDF file). The rest of the book would cover his childhood and adolescence, and of course details of what happened to him during his 3 years at Terre Haute. That part will of course expose the Bureau of Prisons. I have several draft chapters written, but have not found an agent or publisher. I could also use an editor, or even a co-writer. Turns out I'm not very good at writing about this in a way that will sell books.

Around 6 months ago I gave sole rights to the material for one year to a playwright who is very interested in writing a theater production about Whit. During this year no one else can use the material for the purposes of writing a play (the book is excluded from this agreement). Unfortunately her time (and financial resources) has limited, and she will be unable to devote much time to the project until this fall.

I guess the bottom line is since Whit won't get any legal justice, my hope is to have the story - the truth - told to a national audience, both in Whit's and my voice.

I do hope those of you who have been faithful to Whit and now to his memory will continue to stop back once in a while like you have been. And please feel free to pass the link on to anyone and everyone you know who might benefit from hearing Whit's voice.

Thank you all.