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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Portrait of Whit

The other day I received this from one of Whit's friends from Terre Haute. James Remington was transferred to FCI Oakdale in Louisiana a few months ago, but he and I have been exchanging letters. James taught himself to draw in prison, and had sent me photos of a few of his pieces. I think he's really talented, and sent him a couple of books on drawing recently. He also offered to do a portrait of Whit from any photograph I could provide him with, and this is the result. You can see the original photo in the "Photos" folder of the blog. One of the amazing things about this portrait is that it was done with ballpoint pen and crappy paper. That's all he has. Imagine what he could do with pencils, chalk, pastels etc. and good paper. 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whit and Maryl

A photo of Whit and his sister Maryl, taken sometime in the winter of 2005 (after Dayton Correctional Institution and before Terre Haute). One of the very few taken during that time.

Whit at 15 or 16. Maryl is two years older.

Whit and Maryl at their grandparents' getaway cabin in Indiana.