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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guest Book

I've been exchanging e-mail occasionally with someone who was one of Whit's most appreciative and loyal blog readers. She still checks it nearly every day to see if something new has been posted, but I still don't have a sense of what if anything could be added. Her suggestion was something like a guest book, or as she described it: "... there are days I want to go there and mention that I am thinking of him/you ... or share a memory, or comment on how remembering certain posts made me feel ..."

And so for now I'll put this entry up and open it to comments. Or if anyone has a letter from Whit they'd like to share in whole or in part, feel free to either include the text in your comment or send it to me in an e-mail. And any suggestions for how to get Whit's voice heard in a larger way would be most welcome.

Thanks to all of you for your understanding of what my son was doing, and your appreciation of what he was trying so hard to become under such horrific circumstances and conditions.

I've been asked to make the contact information for memorial donations more conspicuous, in case people missed it in the other folder.

Circle Tail, Inc.
8834 Carey Lane
Pleasant Plain, OH 45162

Of course you don't have to fully sponsor a dog, donations of any amount are very much appreciated by Circle Tail. You can specify that it go towards the prison dog program.



cieldequimper said...

I wish I had memories.

SLS1981 said...

Awe, you do cieldequimper ... I remember so much just from my experiences reading this blog !! For example, one of his more recent posts with the suspense he kept us in before telling us how things ended !! I was checking back every few min's to see if anything was posted ! LOL I remember almost ALWAYS smiling and/or laughing literally out loud and what he wrote ... no matter what the content. I have shared posts from here with some of my pen pals, who at first are like I live this life, what do I want to read this for, after seeing it they're like send me MORE !! LOL

I am so thankful Jeff that you opened this up to our memories and comments ... I will be back often ... maybe with something little or with something longer, but always with thoughts !

SLS1981 said...

I was thinking today that Memorial Day is coming up, Jeff I don't know your background, but you are a soldier in your own right; fighting for Whit's memory to survive .. stay strong and know that we are all thankful to you for keeping this blog going and Whit's memory with us.

Whit, I hope you're up there getting some of the more amusing war stories from those soldiers with you !

Anonymous said...

What a great idea Jeff! I will share something here soon.

I really miss coming here everday.

Super J

SLS1981 said...

I'm also still here everyday .. checking in and always thinking of you and your family, as well as Whit

SLS1981 said...

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. ~Victor Borge

Still thinking of you and your family Whit !

Jeff said...

SLS1981, on behalf of Whit's family - and Whit - thank you for continuing to think about us! I am so grateful to all of you who recognized Whit's gifts and potential from the very beginning, and stuck with him. It meant more to him than you can possibly imagine.

Keep checking back. And let me know - all of you - what you would like to see here or know about Whit.


SLS1981 said...

Happy belated Fathers Day, I meant to get on yesterday but .. well, I didn't. I imagine this was an especially hard day for you Jeff, but know that he was with you, in your heart and everywhere around you. Whit had that capability .. through his writing and from what I hear from his close friends through being him ... to be everywhere ~

SLS1981 said...

Me again .. just wanted to with your family a happy 4th, everyday this first year, and I imagine for the rest of your lives, something is going to remind you of Whit and how much you miss him. I hope the fireworks reminded you of those first 4th of July's, where he was little and innocent and all that mattered was the bright lights and loud noises, the hot nights and the family surrounding him. Some of the best memories most of us have, kids on the 4th of July ! =)

Jeff said...

As always, you are right on the mark. Every day is a reminder, in countless ways, and the 4th was no exception. Thank you for the abiding relationship with Whit, and with me his father. It is indescribably meaningful to know you are out there.


SLS1981 said...

Just letting you know you're still thought of ~

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. "

"You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes."

Anonymous said...

It's been a minute since I've been able to spend some time here, but I have the internet at home once again.

I was wondering if you would object ifI printed out his writings here and sent them to those incarcerated who are aspiring writers? I get the feeling I may have asked before but I just want to make sure with you Jeff.



SLS1981 said...

Jeff, I just wanted to let you know you aren't forgotten. I imagine this is a very hard time of year and I hope you know I am always here if you need a shoulder to lean on !

~ S ~