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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Terre Haute
July 2006


SLS1981 said...

Can we say twins !?!? =) Great pic, thanks for sharing !!

Anonymous said...

Jeff: I read your earlier post about not being granted access to a report on Whit's death. You probably have already tried this, but did you attempt the Freedom of Information Act route? Contact name and phone number at this link. Please let us know if this might provide an inroad for you.

Jeff said...


Yes, that's exactly where I am now. I filled out the online request, and a week or so ago received a form letter stating that they were granting themselves 10 extra days to reply because the files were at some satellite office or something. It's the usual BS, of course, but if this doesn't work, I know how to play hardball. I won't/can't say any more than that for now.
And thank you for (still) caring, whoever you are!


Jeff said...

I should note also that I contacted the offices of both Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rep. Steve Driehaus on this matter some time ago. Neither of these offices has been able to accomplish anything for me, which points either to an ineffectual senator and congressman, or a Bureau of Prisons which answers to no one. I'm voting for both alternatives, and I'm not voting for either the senator or the congressman next time around. Driehaus' office simply told me, finally, to fill out the FOIA request.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your frustration. I'm a friend of Jody's and a former Cincinnatian. Please keep us posted on any progress on this front and know that I and many of us will always care. If I have any other suggestions or inroads I will share them with you!

Jeff said...

Any friend of Jody's is a friend of mine - and would be of Whit's, I can assure you. Give my love to Jody. I'd love to get a call from her sometime.