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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Portrait of Whit

The other day I received this from one of Whit's friends from Terre Haute. James Remington was transferred to FCI Oakdale in Louisiana a few months ago, but he and I have been exchanging letters. James taught himself to draw in prison, and had sent me photos of a few of his pieces. I think he's really talented, and sent him a couple of books on drawing recently. He also offered to do a portrait of Whit from any photograph I could provide him with, and this is the result. You can see the original photo in the "Photos" folder of the blog. One of the amazing things about this portrait is that it was done with ballpoint pen and crappy paper. That's all he has. Imagine what he could do with pencils, chalk, pastels etc. and good paper. 


Maryl said...

Wow, I just happened to stop at Whit's blog for a visit, and I saw this drawing. It's amazing!

SLS1981 said...

This photo is stunning ! Thanks for sharing ~ Happy belated Thanksgiving.

cieldequimper said...

I have been often amazed by what these men come up with, I have a few gorgeous drawings myself, just pencil and paper.
This portrait is fantastic work, I'm sure you are going to frame it.

elsa said...

That's a very lovely portrait. It's really touching.

Nina the Internet sleuth said...

this drawing is great !
James is an awesome artist :) tell him he has a new fan :D

Anonymous said...


From a self taught artist this is amazing work.

Real talent can work with anything they are given...he's the real deal!

Can I feature this on PPBB on our myspace page with his addy??

Jessica Lynn

Jeff said...

Sure Jessica. Send me a link then, and I'll get a printout to James. He's quite self-effacing, sometimes almost dismissive when it comes to his art.


Anonymous said...

Ok so I posted it on our myspace page.

I hope this works, here it goes.

Kristina said...

This is beautiful.