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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A few more photos

Here are a few more I've decided to put up.

Whit and his maternal grandfather at his grandparents'
cabin outside of Madison, Indiana

Fishing in the pond at my sister's rural Ohio home

Whit and his Aunt Jody. I love this photo.

Halloween at our first house. Whit is Wee Willie Winkie. His mom
was amazing with costumes.

On our last trip as a family, in July 1996, we spent 2 weeks in Tuscany.
One day Whit and Maryl explored the shell of a long-abandoned stone
house in the village where we were staying. He found this old,
threadbare wool coat and decided he had to have it. He hardly took
it off for the rest of the vacation, even wearing it through the airports
on our return trip (in July!). This is the front door of the house
we were staying in, not the one they explored!
I still have the coat.


One of Whit's family nicknames through childhood
(and even into young adulthood) was Boneman.
It's a long, silly story. Basically he went (as an infant) from
Whitney to Whitty to Wheaty to Wheat Bone to Boneman.
One of those family name evolutions that just happens.
He got this custom made t-shirt for a birthday.

And finally, a snap of Whit likely taken at an Ohio or Kentucky
state park on a family camping trip.


cieldequimper said...

These are wonderful. So many memories for you. That Hallowe'en shot is incredible!

Totally off-topic, please forgive me: der Spruch ist herrlich!

Jeff said...

Auch anderen scharfäugigen, deutschsprachigen Lesern wird die Stickerei vielleicht aufgefallen sein. Falls nicht von allen lesbar, lautet der Text "Wo Lieb' und Einigkeit regiert / Da ist das ganze Haus geziert." Leider nicht gereimt zü übersetzen, wenigstens habe ich keine Lösung gefunden. Schwaches Bild für einen, der sein tägliches Brot als Übersetzer verdient, gebe ich zu. Eine Annäherung: Where love and harmony prevail, the whole house is blessed. Actually "adorned," but blessed works better.