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Monday, December 28, 2009

More photos

A few more photos I just scanned. I've arranged them in chronological order. 

January 1985

Not sure of the date


April 1987 (3rd birthday)

December 1991
Whit and his beloved Milli
(wearing the Santa Kid cap)

Summer 1992

December 1992

May 1992

Spring 1992
Camping in our little
pop-up trailer.

Fishing at Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Andy's
Spring 1992

Birthday 1993

Fall 1993

August 1996
Whit and I took a road trip to visit
my friend Carl McIntyre in Charlotte, NC

October 1996
Whit, Milli and Spike

October 1997
Howe Military School, where
Whit attended 8th grade

July 1998
Fishing at Aunt Carolyn's again

August 1999
Whit and Uncle Andy (my sister's late husband) baiting a hook

August 1999

August 1999

August 1999

August 1999

Another road trip, this time to West Virginia


cieldequimper said...

Ah Jeff, these are all so wonderful and some of the older ones are so funny.
I'm going to be away for a while so though I wonder how you are feeling about the beginning of a new year and decade, I hope you will at least find peace during the last days of horrible 09.
See you next year!

SLS1981 said...

Thanks for sharing .. I love them all. Some great photos ! The one with him and his sister dancing on the bed brought tears to my eyes, made it more real for me .. I'll pray for you as the holidays must be so hard. I wish you a bright new year with some resolution and hopefully a whole lotta smiles ! ;)

Jenny said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful intimate memories. I keep looking for the foreshadowing of tragedy in them but all I see is the gentle growing up of this curious and caring child. I really liked the series of him fishing.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know, that people are still listening.

想想 said...


Anonymous said...

I only just found this beautiful blog through the PTO site and I am thankful to you and Whit for sharing your lives with so many. Whit's words are like a pebbles dropped into the pond. The ripples from those pebbles will continue to grow larger and affect many lives, I'm sure. As a mother of a son the same age as your Whit my heart aches for you and at the same time I find your love for Whit soothing to my soul.My son is home now and I thank god for this. You know he will be getting heck of a hug tomorrow! My prayers are sent to you and your family. Let us never forget.

Debbie from WA.

Jeff said...

Thank you, Debbie. I love your image of ripples in a pond; it's exactly what I hope for.