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Saturday, March 27, 2010

April 4th

April 4th is the anniversary of Whit's death. His passing has not been marked by large memorials or services, fundraisers or other public events, and this Sunday will be no exception. I would simply suggest that those few of you who still keep him in your thoughts on a regular basis, and visit this blog to re-read his words or see what is happening in the lives of his survivors, perhaps think about lighting a candle in his memory on Sunday. Or whatever emblem of remembrance seems right to you.

For your loyalty to Whit's memory and the support you continue to give me, special thanks in equal measure to Nina, Sandrina, Michele, Shari, Jessica, Rafe, Danielle, Eva, Kristina, Mindy and Jenny. And of course to my dear friends here in Cincinnati; you know who you are.



Ania said...

Can't believe it's a year already. I was just getting to know his story as an anonymous follower when it abruptly ended. And it was a massive shock to me, I remember those days when you shared the tragic news and the person I was just getting to know just on-line left a void in my our lives.

Jeff said...

Thanks for taking the time to write, Ania. Perhaps there are more of you out there than I know. It helps me a lot to hear someone say how much Whit's writing - and the human being behind it - meant to them.

cieldequimper said...

Though I am not amongst those cited, I have actually got a post-it right under my nose, which I wrote last year. So I would have remembered.

Nina the Internet sleuth said...

Hey Jeff,
Of course I will remember that April 4 is a "special" day. Did I tell you that it is also my grandfather's passing anniversary? awkward, huh?
As for me I'll spend the morning at a yoga seminar. "Introduction to Egyptian Yoga" I'm sure Whit would have loved that!



SLS1981 said...

Nina ... this day I spoke with you and was in awe and shock. Always an avid reader of Whit's blog, an addiction I swear ! ;), I have come to respect and honor you just as much Jeff. You are what he should have been for you if things were different, a tribute to him and his name. I will always be here .. for you Jeff and for Nina ~ 2 people that I really think made Whit happier than just about anything else could have !

Anonymous said...

I'll light two candles Sunday: one for Whit, and one for all parents who continue to love their children unconditionally, as you have. And add a prayer that the legal situation is resolved, you will find answers that satisfy you, and you will have some peace.