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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whit's Willow

Many of you know the story of Whit's Willow. I would have loved to plant a weeping willow in his memory, but that just doesn't work here. I figured a weeping cherry would be an acceptable substitute, so I put this in last fall.

Here are a couple from this past spring (2011):


SLS1981 said...

All I can do is repeat that this is breathtaking and doesn't look real !

cieldequimper said...

I'm sure he's loving it. How could one not?

KC's Girl said...

How is the tree doing now, a little over a year since this picture was posted?

Jeff said...

KC's Girl, the tree is doing beautifully. I'm taking care of it like it was a baby! I took some more pix this year, will post as soon as I can find them on my hard drive!

KC's Girl said...

I'm happy to hear it's doing so well, and looking forward to seeing the new pictures!