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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thank you...

... to new readers from West Virginia, Norristown, Kealakekua, Seattle and Hermosa Beach, for taking the time to read so many of Whit's pieces. As always, please feel free to comment or PM me.

No, I have no idea who you are, the stat counter I added - to give Whit an idea of how many readers he had and where they live - simply tells me where the server is located. Now it helps me to know that people are still finding SuperFriends, and hopefully that they are finding it rewarding, even inspiring.

Also a sincere thank you to Prison Talk for being a channel for Whit to have been discovered early in his blog writing by a lot of really great people. Even today he is finding new readers from the thread that Nina began when she learned of his passing.



cieldequimper said...


I'm still reading the paperwork. I just can't do it in the evening which is why I'm so slow. If I do, I don't sleep at all.

Jeff said...

I understand completely. But I do think it will have been worth it when you finally get through all those letters Whit wrote me.

I still owe you a photo of my scarf - I haven't forgotten!

Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer said...

Your welcome Jeff, will always be here for you and for your blogs. Godbless you!

mrs rimoldi said...

Jeff~ I want to thank you for sharing your son's blog with us. I found it through a thread on PTO. For days I read everything written by Whit. I was moved from tears to laughing out loud. Such a talented writer and I can tell he was a special young man. I am so very sorry for your families loss. I belong to a support group for parent with adult children in prison. I shared the link with them and I've read much of Whit's writing to my inmate son who also enjoys Whit's words. Thank you again for sharing with all of us.
Know I have prayed for your family and hope you get some answers soon.

Jeff said...

mrs rimoldi,

I can't tell you how much your comment means to me. Whit himself saw his blog writing as having a three-fold purpose: to entertain, to expose the horrors and injustices of life in a federal prison, and to find his own voice in the process. Responses like yours confirm that he accomplished all three of these in a way and with an impact that has never been done before. The third part - finding his voice - was key in gaining self-understanding. As he began to see how his voice resonated in the world at large, it reassured him that he was in fact a worthy human being with something to offer the world. That, combined with unwavering love and support from some family and certain friends, had allowed him to see a future for himself after incarceration, and he was making plans and ready to go home. Tragically, the horrors and injustices he experienced and was writing about became overwhelming, even for someone as unbelievably strong - and loved - as he was.

Now there is nothing left but his legacy. Which makes it all the more consoling to me, his father, to see that Whit's words are still having an impact on others in prison, their families, and those with no connection to the American penal system but with the sensitivity to recognize what a beautiful soul and spirit he was - and is. And it is only thanks to people like you ,who take the time to write, that I can feel consoled. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, what's left of it.