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Friday, April 18, 2014

Blogging Behind Bars

Blogging Behind Bars is the title of the play written, directed and produced by Jon Kovach, founder of Unity Productions. Jon is a local (Cincinnati) actor and artist with whom I collaborated to have the story of Whit at Terre Haute told. He has an impressive theater track record in a variety of capacities and has assembled a remarkable cast. I am gratified by and grateful for his commitment to bringing Whit's voice to the stage.

The play was selected by a jury from among hundreds of submissions for the 2014 Cincinnati Fringe Festival and is already beginning to create a buzz. Exact performance dates and venue will not be announced until about May 7, but Fringe runs from May 27 - June 7.

If you're planning on attending, you are invited to click on the link above and accept the invitation - not binding, just to give us a better idea of how many to expect. Here is ticket ordering information. Blogging Behind Bars is already looking to be a highlight of the Fringe Festival. I anticipate that all performances of Whit's play will be sold out!



Carole Baker said...

Dear Jeff, I saw the the Cincy Fringe 2014 listing the evening of the I hoped my niece's work would be included this is.

In looking at the other selections, I saw the title Blogging Behind Bars and was sure this must be based on Whit's writing and life and so it is. I'm so moved knowing your great love for Whit and tremendous sorrow, while always working to have his words heard, to make a difference, vital changes in the justice and Preston system, and in so many other areas feeding into them.

I will tell my friends, colleagues, neighbors and provide FB links to the Fringe schedule when it comes up.

I look forward to being in the audience.
With care and gratitude,

Carole Baker, WWf(a)C

Whit Smith said...

Thank you so much Carole. And congratulations to your niece - I look forward to seeing her work! Which piece is it?

Carole Baker said...

Dear Jeff,
I apologize for my extended delay in responding.

My niece is Serenity Fisher and her cohort is Robin O'Neal Kissel and there piece is "Booty!"