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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The book has been published too

This week the book I created based on Whit's blog was published. In addition to the complete blog in chronological order, it includes letters Whit and I (his dad) wrote to each other and a couple of background chapters. The book is available from Amazon; HERE is the link. I am donating all profits to prison reform and prisoner assistance programs. Das Buch ist auch über,, etc. erhältlich.


Carole Baker said...

Jeff, I'm ordering the book good to read this news.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeff,

We've met (through Diane). I'm writing to let you know that I just finished Super Friends. In the first flush of emotion, I am gutted and heart-opened (in the best possible way). I don't think I've read anything in a long time that conveys as much love and life force as this exchange between the two of you and for what is contained in Whit's exquisite blog writing. ALL of the writing in this book shines and touches me to the core. Thank you. The book feels important on so many levels. It's raw and fresh in me now. I sure hope I can speak with you more about in in person when I'm in Cincinnati again. With Best Regards! Beth Lodge-Rigal (Bloomington, IN)

Whit Smith said...
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Whit Smith said...

Beth, your takeaway from the book leaves me in tears. Readback: "love and life force" Once in a while someone really gets it, and when I hear - or read - that and it's so eloquently expressed, there is a release of stuff that needs and wants to be actively felt again. Thank you for hearing Whit's voice with so much understanding and appreciation.