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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Counter Surveillance

Not long ago I became aware that SuperFriends has finally had visitors from inside the prison; staff, of course. The fact that it has taken so long for the administration to "log on" is a little surprising. All outgoing inmate mail is closely monitored, so maybe they've always considered themselves completely aware of the SuperFriends SuperMovement and finally decided to read the site as a novelty. Who knows.

What I would like to know is who exactly has been logging on. Guessing that the Almighty Warden Herself - She Who Must Be Obeyed - has taken the time to scope the site out would be almost presumptuous on my part, a rather self-important theorization. But it would have to be someone in the upper-administration, because they're the only ones with that ability. It is someone from one of the institution's two investigation offices - the S.I.S. and S.I.A. - who would be a prime candidate for the "internal" visitor. I can safely eliminate the S.I.A. office because they're actually a branch of the F.B.I. and therefore too full of themselves to surf some silly blog: the snobby pricks.

Which leaves the office of the S.I.S. - Special Investigation Supervisor. Ms. Hernandez, have you been spying on me? Mr. Moore, are you now stalking the Internet looking for interactions like you monitor phone calls doing the same? Ahh, Lieutenant Howard, I knew it was you all along. Now that you've been promoted to S.I.S. are you falsifying memos from Region like you were doing when you worked in the hole? I'm just giving you a hard time, don't put me on any of The Lists you guys keep up there. Semper Fi.

Alright then you Big Brother-Gestapo-Storm-Trooper-C.I.A.-Wannabe, fine, upstanding government employees, I hope you're enjoying SuperFriends. Why don't you create a profile and become an official Follower? Might as well, because whenever you cast your evil eye in my direction - I'm watching you watch me. Remember that.


SLS1981 said...

I'm staying quiet on this one, although a law abiding citizen I am, I don't want to be added to any of those lists you've mentioned !

Nina the Internet sleuth said...

"The fact that it has taken so long for the administration to "log on" is a little surprising"

This is exactly what I told your father when he let me know. These people are so slow. Corsican blood?