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Friday, March 13, 2009

A Shameless Plug...

... from Whit's dad, der blogmeister (me), to let readers know that his 25th birthday is on April 10 . Anyone who wants to write (or comment right around that date) is encouraged to send birthday wishes; I know he'd greatly appreciate it. For those who are willing and able, a card in the mail would be especially welcome (you know how much mail means to inmates), but a comment here on the blog, anonymous or otherwise, will also be most appreciated. Just try to post no less than a week before the 10th to give me time to copy, paste and mail them to him.
Just don't tell him you saw it here, he doesn't know I'm posting this.


PPBB said...

I'll post his info in the bday section of PPBB so we can all send some cards ... thanks so much for the heads up !

Anonymous said...

Yeahh!!!!!! He's going to get so much b-day love from EVERYONE! Thanks Super J!!!!!

Super J <3

SLS1981 said...

Today you will be remembered and celebrated Whit ... If only you were here to share with us the celebration of your life ~

Much love and respect ~