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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The legal barriers

Well, it's pretty much official that the Bureau of Prisons is denying the administrative claim my attorney filed. No settlement, no information of any kind forthcoming from the BOP. No handing over of the investigation report they wrote of the circumstances of Whit's death. The only thing left is to file suit for wrongful death, and try to make a case for negligence and/or liability. There is no other way the BOP will make known the facts of the case. 

Doubly disheartening because my attorney has taken a new job and will no longer have a solo practice; he'll be off the case soon, and I have to find someone to pick up the baton. There aren't many attorneys who are good at wrongful death suits against the BOP, and even fewer who have the time. It's also a money question: these cases are always handled on a contingency basis, so a potential attorney figures out what the chances of winning damages are. Obviously just learning the facts and truth of what happened is important only to me, and doesn't make any money for an attorney if there ends up being nothing to take a percentage of. 

It just hurts that a federal entity like the BOP can be so callous and dishonest, that they don't care about Whit or his family. 


cieldequimper said...

Large authorities don't care about a person, they have numbers.
I hope you can find a way.

Nina the Internet sleuth said...

Damn Jeff, this is too sad and depressing :( I can't believe they're being like that..