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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cards from Whit

I know now that some of you received greeting cards from Whit shortly before his passing. He mailed them to persons he felt especially close to. This is what mine said:

My beloved Pops,

It's been a wild ride, huh. Yet you never once wavered as a friend or a father. A kid couldn't ask for a better father. You're awesome.

With all the love I have,


In addition to the blog, I have more than a thousand letters he wrote to me. Every single word in the blog and letters is a testament to his love, honesty and sincerity. His life was painfully short, and it was painful and short. I do not know if or how I will go on, but if I am able, it will be to honor his life. I hope some of you will find ways to honor it as well.



Jenny said...


Mine said:

My Dear Friend Jenny D

You're wonderful! Thank you for being part of my life.

With all the love I have,

I am honored to have been part of his life. He will be honored. You can bet on it.
More soon.

Love and warm thoughts,

Anonymous said...

I would like to share my card.

Dear Jammin' Jessica,

You're Wonderful!

Thanks for being a part of my life.

With all the love I have,

(on back of card)
Should be a few books of stamps in envelope.

Alright homegirl, I'm out- stay sexy!

My responce to Whitney:
Thank you for the card. I now see why I held onto that card so hard this week; literally. It really helped me get through a crappy week.
P.S. It smelled super!!

I hope you got my letters the other week. I see they were not enough to snap you out of it. Come on Whit the Norster just wasn't doing it, and come on the Hassellhoff wasn't pulling brownie points??? Dude that was funny shit.

I sent you out two cards Friday. Yea you would have liked the birthday card, it was like one of those sarcastic I'm stupid cards and the other one was cute and smelled pretty. They would have cheered you up.

Whit why did you throw a bitch fit when I didn't write back but you didn't throw a bitch fit about how miserable on the inside you were?

You should have you should have said something...You never got the chance to read my cards that expressed how much you truely meant to never gave us the chance to show you how much you are respected, loved and needed you are every single god damn day!

How can I smile and think of you when I'm deeply broken hearted that I won't get those letters that had all those $50 words that frustrated me to have to look up.

After my tears are dried up and I snap out of my denial, that I will never get a letter from you again, I'm going to go on and be there for those who have needed you the most next to dad, and that is your "Superfriends".

God I don't want to stop writing Whit...what do I do now Whit...

How do I say goodbye to someone I'm not ready to let go Whit...Who do I go to now Whit...I wish you would tell me...I wish you would throw a bitch fit...I wish a lot of things but most of all I wish you were here.

Forever and ever you will be always in me and because of you I will strive to inspire people, like you have me in the ways you have.

For that thank you.

All my love and respect,

Super J - out.

P.S.S. I miss you and will never let you go.

cieldequimper said...

I didn't know Whit... but I did know him and I'm not surprised.

Anonymous said...

Jeff I just discovered this blog and I know that there's nothing I can say to help with the way you mist feel right now, but your son just seemed so smart, and so funny, and my heart really breaks for you. I just know that had your son been dealt some better cards then his life would have turned out very different. I really do believe that the prison system in this country is broken - and it has been broken for as long as anyone can remember. I'm so sad that your son had to fall victim to it.

I know you don't know me, but you are definitely in my thoughts...


Nina the Internet sleuth said...

My card says pretty much the same as Jenny's and Jessica's. Right now I don't really find the words to answer it. Later I guess...