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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photos - continuing

Whit and his dad, late summer 2001

Whit at his favorite coffee shop

Whit and his sister Maryl


cieldequimper said...

Brother and sister, there's no doubt about it! The likeness is stunning.

Nina the Internet sleuth said...

Thank you so much for posting these pictures Jeff!! How old was he when they were taken?

Whit told me about his favorite coffee shop in a letter. I had sent him some sort of "homemade" cards that smelled like clover for some reason. The "cards" were made with boxes of Korean cookies I had bought at the Asian market that is next to my gallery. They looked too cute with all the Korean inscriptions so I thought I should go ahead and send them because I know that Whit loves anything Asian :) Anyway so he said that the cards had a very strong smell of clover, (which I had not noticed when I sent them) and that it had scented to whole cell. He said that he loved the smell because it reminded him of his favorite coffee shop, and then he explained how it was like : if I remember well, he said something like "very cheep coffee and people wearing a lot of berets" lol. He didn't mention his cap, though ;)

The second pic looks very familiar to me too, not because I already saw it, but because the "baby blue fuzzy cowboy hat" is the most famous item of his wardrobe :-D we were under very intense negotiation for me to actually buy this hat (we were still discussing the terms of the transaction) so that I could wear it every now and then and launch a new trend in Paris... or something like that :-D

I hope you can post more pics later!! :)