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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To all who have been hearing my son's voice

I would like you to know that in some way, his blog will not end. I do not know what form this will take, but if I have the strength I will help that to happen. There has even been talk of producing a published book of his blog and some of the more than 1000 letters he wrote to me since his imprisonment, but I don't know how that would happen, or if there would be interest in it. I would ask you, if Whit and his voice have some meaning for you, to keep coming back to his blog in the future, to see where it goes. And I would be so very grateful if new people would come and read this work, which ended so much sooner than it should have. I'm sorry I cannot be more organized in my thinking at this moment, but I hope my intentions are clear. And if there is anyone who would like to help in this endeavor, in whatever way, then I invite you to.

I am so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to hear my beautiful son's voice. I hope it will live on in some way.

With deep gratitude and love,

Jeff Smith


Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Keep working to let Whit live on through his words.

If there is ANYTHING that you need, do not hesitate to call us. We want to support you in the best way we can.

Love, Chris and Vicki and the rest of the Zen and Now family

Anonymous said...

I came across this blog today while doing research for my job. I have been reading these posts and they have brought laughter and sorrow. You son was brilliant, creative and intellegent. I only wish that I had found these writings sooner. My heart is with your family.

Nina the Internet sleuth said...

Jeff, this is a great initiative!
You probably noticed I still check the blog regularly and this is not going to change ;)

Whit said...

To Anonymous who wrote: "I came across this blog today while doing research for my job. I have been reading these posts and they have brought laughter and sorrow. You son was brilliant, creative and intellegent. I only wish that I had found these writings sooner. My heart is with your family."

I don't know who you are, but I can tell you that I will be reading your exact words as part of what I say tomorrow at my son's memorial. Coming from someone who has only now heard his voice, it describes for me the essence of what I would like people to know of my boy.

With gratitude, through tears,
Jeff Smith

cieldequimper said...

I'm addicted to this blog now so will do. I keep coming back anyway. If you need a hand from over the big pond, just ask. I have always been totally worthless crap at expressing my feelings in circumstances like these, and just can't seem to better myself, words simply fail me totally. So along with the white rose I sent, could you maybe just tell Whit that both T. and S. (yes, I told T. all about Whit)hope he's free and at peace with himself now? Viel Courage und noch eine Umarmung, I will be there in thought tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

From someone on myspace:

Apr 6, 2009 6:28 PM
"Dear Whitney's dad, I wish you so much strength in dealing with the loss of your beloved and talented son. It must be almost unbearable to cope with the shame USA brought over it self once again with their unlawful and useless killings. One more human treasure ripped away from life.

May Whitney's soul rest in perfect peace. Please be aware that lots of people are mourning with you, among whom my self, Anja de Graaff, from the Netherlands. Also my husband, Gbola Oladejo sends his deep sympathy and condolences. Love and strength, Anja"

From, AngolaPenPals

Whit said...

To Anja and Gbola, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words, which will be read at Whitney's memorial service on Wednesday along with those of others posted here.

To all of you, please know that I read every comment, even if I am unable to respond to them individually at this time.

As for the part that the American "justice" system played in the death of my son, I can only say that at the moment I have no way to express the enormous anger and rage I feel towards those responsible; there is only grief. But you can believe that when I am emotionally able, I will be making sure that anyone on the right side of things and who has a national platform will hear about this.

With great gratitude,
Jeff Smith

Anonymous said...

I will pass on your words to Anja & Gbola Jeff.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers go with you. I've been a reader of Whit's blog for only a couple of months, but this news hits me like I've known him my whole life.

For what it's worth, I've posted a link to his blog from mine, and have mentioned it on my facebook account.

Anonymous said...

Jeff here's a response back from Anja with a link to thier email.

Dear Mr. Smith, Thank you for your comment back. While reading it, it made feel like crying, and actually I do have tears in my eyes. If ever you need my help to widely spread your anger when the time comes, you can count on me. I have connections with SF Bay view (the online version, which - like the normal one - is read by millions of people too), I maintain several my spaces sites, and although in your heart there is only room for grieve at this time: apart from deep sadness my heart hosts anger and rage already and even more that I cannot give a name to. I again wish you so much strength during this unbelievable hard time.

Words cannot really express the feelings of my heart. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to get in touch with your son, but as I have read he had an exceptional kind soul.
With unspeakable sympathy, Anja de Graaff


Sally said...

Whit and I exchanged letters for a time, until things slowed and I just never heard back from him. I never forgot him and just now I was thinking about him and how much I missed him...the search led me here and I can't begin to express how devastated I am that this incredibly bright, caring, funny man is gone. It always gave me great happiness to see him speak of what he would do with his life after prison, the world that will miss out on that will be a poorer place for it. Sincerest condolences to Whit's family, especially his father who he always spoke of so highly.

Jeff said...


I can't thank you enough for the note you just sent. Seeing Whit so insightfully described as "this incredibly bright, caring, funny man" reminds me that there are equally caring people he was able to reach with his voice in such a short amount of time. Not everyone "gets it"; you are clearly someone who does.

There are some positive things going on in the aftermath of this which I can't talk about in the blog, so if you'd like to know more about that and/or about Whit, I invite you to email me at my gmail address

All the best from Cincinnati to Melbourne,

michele said...

Hi,I have just recently come across your son's beautiful and very intelligent writings. I have a brother serving time in the Turney Center in TN. He is there simply for a parole violation from a simple drug charge. He working across the state line without permission and therefore violated his probation. He should have been placed in a minimum sec. level and they put him in max security and he was stabbed 18 times 2 wks after he got there. 11 of these wounds were life threatening and they didn't think he would live long enough to make it to the hospital due to a severed artery and massive blood loss. Another inmate was able to somehow just walk into his cell before he was out of bed. Amazingly there is no film nor was a guard present when this took place. My brother had to walk through another pod, down a tier, and a flight of stairs to find help. If the attacking inmate had been able to he would have closed him in the cell and he would have bleed to death. By the grace of God he was able to prevent the door from being closed back on him. I am sure if my brother had died there are several things we would have never known. Believe it or not he has been put in the"hole" for essentially being attacked and in my view they allowed it all to take place. Cell doors don't just open, guards aren't suppose to disappear, and victims should not be punished. After emergency surgery and being in ICU they snatched him out of the hospital and put in back in the same nasty place against the prison Dr.'s wishes. He may never have use of his left arm again. I understand your total frustration and anger because I have personally experienced the helplessness. Your son had to have been a very intelligent man and he was certainly compassionate. He made some mistakes nut who hasn't? From what I understood he was definitely treated very wrong. I don't know if I missed something but I would like to know if you don't mind my asking why was he in "the Hole" and why was he facing another several years. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless! Michele e-mail

Pink Pamalamma said...

I just came across this blog today, through posts about another young man's tragic suicide. :( I've spent most of the afternoon and evening reading from the very first post. Whit was no doubt a wonderful man, and I'm so sorry for the loss of him to those who loved him do dearly. May peace be with you. <3

Whit Smith said...

Thank you, Pink. Hearing from you, with those particular words, really lifts my spirits. You're one of the people who Get It.

All the best,