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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Keeping it alive

Whit's memorial service was today. It was a gathering of love and beauty. It's late now, and I don't have any energy left to write about it, but I will soon. If anyone who attended would like to write about their impressions, please do so.
I also plan to add more entries very soon, including photos of Whit, letters he wrote to me, and whatever seems appropriate. Hard to say exactly what direction my son's blog will take from here, but it will remain his blog. I would be grateful if you would continue to stop by, and even participate in whatever way you choose.

With gratitude,


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Anonymous said...

As the sister of an inmate who still currently resides at USP Terre Haute I will do my best to keep everyone informed of what is going on inside the prison. There are so many people inside those walls that care deeply about Whit and we will all do our best to keep his voice alive. I hope to have some stories and words from the many friends Whit had there to post soon. Your Super Friends will never forget you Whit!