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Monday, April 6, 2009


Dear Friends,

A memorial for Whit will be held on at the Cincinnati Civic Garden Center on Wednesday, 2715 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH at 2:30. This is an open invitation for anyone reading this to attend, and even speak of Whit if you wish. This memorial will be devoted to hearing Whit's voice, in stories he wrote as a young child, letters to his family, and the blog, read aloud by friends and family here. If any of you would like to write something about Whit and what you knew or felt about him, we invite you to leave it as a comment here. All of your words will be read at his memorial.

If you would like to make a donation in Whit's memory, we are asking those be made to Circle Tail, an animal shelter in Loveland, Ohio. Whit had recently told Jeff that he hoped to volunteer at an animal shelter when he got out of prison. Circle Tail (link here) works with a several prisons to foster their shelter animals before they are placed in a permanent home: it's a win-win.

Please feel free to contact Jeff for any reason at all. The direct email is

Jeff's family

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